Fail2ban - Postfixadmin Authentication Jail

Quick fix to "Postfixadmin" and a jail for "Fail2ban" to allow fail2ban use.

Edit postfixadmin/login.php (starting @ line 63 or so under Postfix Admin v2.3.8) :

Substitute your location (if an Ubuntu pkg its normally under /usr/share)
sudo nano /var/www/html/postfixadmin/login.php

Add the following lines ONLY and save:
if ($result['rows'] != 1) { $error = 1;

Ubuntu 14.xx/Trusty - Postgrey - startup/init.d

Ubuntu (past/present) has a broken Postgrey SysV /etc/init.d (start(up)/status/stop) file - and possibly will not startup (default install) on a reboot/etc. This will have an ill effect on mail delivery (postfix/etc).

Here is one that works. Make sure you either replace entire file with one below or edit the pertinent lines.

Remember that this is not an upstart override - you are editing a SysV init file directly.

Raspberry Pi + Webcam + Zoneminder

0. Parts & Software

Approximate Total Price: ~$50


Have moved site to 'cloud' hosting on AWS. Speed should be better...

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Greetings. The old site has now been moved to Drupal.

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